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Cosmetic Surgery for Cheek and Chin Augmentation


Facial ImplantsCheek Implants
Not everyone is born with a perfectly proportioned face. Cheek implants have allowed people to correct those problems and give their face a fuller, more defined look. Here are some facts every person considering cheek implants should know:

  • Cheek implants require a procedure that typically lasts one to two hours. Patients are able to return home that same day. An incision is usually made inside the mouth near the gumline and rarely in the lower eyelid. Doctors frequently use stitches that dissolve when suturing the incision.
  • Cheek implants can often be combined with chin or jaw implants. This can provide patients with a comprehensive alteration of their face, addressing more than just one area.
  • Those who are best qualified for cheek implants are generally in good health and looking to add better definition to their face. The materials used in cheek implants are safe, permanent, and give a lasting improvement in appearance.

Chin Implants
Chin implants give you the ability to change the shape of the chin and jawline. For some it gives a chin with more projection to balance out the profile. For others, It can add width to a thin lower face.

  • Chin implants are performed as an outpatient procedure and requires general anesthesia. The procedure includes an incision in the area underneath the chin or in the mouth by the lower gum line.
  • Many ideal candidates for a chin implant are looking for a more prominent chin. Some people believe
    that this provides their face with more character.
  • Chin implants are sometimes paired with rhinoplasty. This works to change and reshape the person’s
    entire profile. Balancing the two procedures can go a long way in creating a new facial harmony.

View Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos of Cheek and Chin Implant Procedures performed by Dr. Liszka.

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